DataUP logo DataUp is an open source tool helping researchers document, manage, and archive their tabular data. DataUp operates within the scientist’s workflow and integrates with Microsoft Excel.

DataUp allows you to parse an .xlsx or .csv file to detect the presence of potential issues that do not comply with data management best practices. Issues detected include:

  1. Embedded charts, tables, pictures
  2. Embedded comments
  3. Commas
  4. Special characters
  5. Color coded text or cell shading
  6. Columns have mixed data types
  7. Non-contiguous data
  8. Merged cells
  9. Blank cells
  10. Header row absent or more than one header row
  11. Multiple sheets (tabs)

DataUp also helps you to create metadata, get credit for data – obtain an identifier and archive & share data.

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Watch the  web app tutorial