Spreadsheets are ubiquitous in science. Many researchers from a whole range of disciplines use spreadsheets to record and analyse their data. This website provides information about spreadsheets in science, relevant tools, discusses related issues and solutions.

Spreadsheets are easy to access and allow for a quick start. For scientists this means less overhead as they don’t have to ¬†face a steep learning curve. However, as their research advances the complexity of the tasks which they deal with using spreadsheets increases. A number of tools supporting research with spreadsheets have been developed and new ones are constantly emerging. Researchers from a growing number of disciplines are incorporate spreadsheets in their everyday work.

This website serves as a knowledge hub dedicated to understanding how spreadsheets are used in research and how this use can be assisted and improved. The main sections of this page cover:

  • tools: This section lists and provides overview of a range of tools supporting use of spreadsheets in research in various disciplines. The listed tools include:¬† RightField, Populous and Taverna.
  • case studies;
  • spreadsheet & HCI: This section presents selected key aspects related to the reseach in Human-Computer Interaction and End-User Computing in Spreadsheets use, development and debugging.

The goal for this website is to become a platform for experience and knowledge exchange for all disciplines using spreadsheets for research.